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Vachkazhets massif

Located in the southern part of the peninsula, the similarly named massif is dominated by Mt Vachkazhets, a 1556m peak situated 80km to the west of Petropavlovsk.

This massif and surrounding area make for one of the most attractive spots of Kamchatka’s primeval nature. It used to be one volcano, but a violent eruption resulted in an explosion which tore it into three easily distinguishable parts.

This natural object is famed for its great diversity of flora and fauna, ranging from lingonberries and crowberries through dense shrub-like coniferous groves and such alpine plants as Rhododendron aureum, dwarf pines and dwarf alder, endemic ‘stone birch,’ alpine poppies, and scores more plants climbing up slopes of mountains.

Vachkazhets is as popular with tourists as it is with local denizens including bears, foxes, hares, black-capped marmots, and the ubiquitous ground squirrels. It is suitable either for softcore trekking with waterfalls to be seen or for picnicking near Takhkoloch, a beautiful lake surrounded by glacial landscapes with a view of imposing mountain slopes and clear silhouettes of snow-capped summits.

The excursion requires no high level of physical fitness and is designed for adults and children wishing to enjoy Kamchatka’s landscapes and have a memorable reunion with primeval natural beauty.

Tour programme:

- jeep transfer to the base of the volcano;
- hike to cirques and waterfalls;
- dinner (pre-packed);
- rest near the lake;
- return.

• Time available: June through October
• Duration: 8 to 10 hours
• Number of participants: up to five
• Price per person: 7000 RUB

What to pack: wind- and waterproof jacket with a cape, hiking boots, fleece, headgear, cotton gloves, sunglasses, sunscreen, repellent, small backpack for climbing (30-50 litres), camera, spare batteries.

Weather may impose change in itineraries, including delays and postponed departures.


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