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Touring Kamchatka in summer

Specially designed tours, both comfort-oriented and adventure-packed, are the best among reasonably priced options for a summer vacation in Kamchatka. Enjoy the peninsula’s primeval beauty with its innumerable wild animals, all there for you to observe. Thus, at the Kuril Lake, brown bears can be watched fishing for salmon from a purpose-built, safe observation point.

Long, comfortable (no camping out) trip, featuring accommodation with a thermal pool

We designed this itinerary for those who prefer travelling without tents or backpacks. Out-of-town lodgings come with amenities attached, while day trips to volcanoes, brief hikes, and a sea cruise are all completely pain-free. Senior citizens as well as families with children welcomed!

Action-packed, lengthy journeys featuring pool-equipped accommodation as well as camping out (sleeping in tents)

For outdoor lovers with any level of physical fitness. Some camping, but no strenuous backpacking. For your convenience, tours are divided into parts, some with hotel or other kind of comfortable lodging, some in designated camping areas near the base of a volcano where you can sit round the bonfire and chat through the evening.

Camping conditions are far (very far) from harsh or spartan, and hot pancakes served with jam made of local wild plants will make for a better morning experience than breakfast provided by a good hotel!

Action-packed, lengthy photo-tour featuring best views at just right times.

Kamchatka is one of the few places in the world where everyone can find something truly new and unique. Local sights captivate visitors with their fragile yet powerful vibes, something we miss so much among the endless hustle and bustle of urban life.

Dive into a world of fantastic landscapes with active volcanoes and steaming geysers, thermal springs, swift rivers, and huge waterfalls. Welcome to the land of wild salmon and mighty brown bears whose images will be the highlight of your portfolio. Kamchatka can be safely called the destination where some of the most successful photo tours happen – on global scale. Find your own, unique angle to look at this beautiful land’s natural sights from!

Strenuous mountain tour 

Climb the tallest volcano in Europe and Asia!



A vacation in Kamchatka of course implies visiting the Valley of Geysers, best accessed by helicopter. But there are also several volcanoes within reach from the main city of Petropavlovsk, including the Avachinsky, seen from anywhere in the city, and another pair, Mutnovsky and Gorely. Climb all the way to the crater and watch steam and sulfur sprouting up in the air, or marvel at the weird colours of hardened lava, all making up for a breath-taking picture.

Kamchatka Outdoors offers a great variety of reasonably priced journeys to a world of fantasy. Kamchatka truly deserves its title of an exotic land with its stunning views of geysers, active volcanoes, and thermal springs.

We can tailor an individual tour by way of putting together any sequence of trips and excursions we offer our customers. Just contact us in your preferred manner!


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