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Vehicle rental and transfers

Kamchatka Outdoors offers transfers from Petropavlovsk to any destination with difficult access 

Jeeps and vans sitting up to six passengers

Specially prepared, comfortable all-terrain 4WD Mitsubishi Delica vans will take you, your baggage, and equipment to starting points of rafting excursions and hiking trips or to any remote localities in Kamchatka.

делика трансфер   джип туры по Камчатке
салон делики   салон нашего транспорта
карымшино   делика

 Trucks (KamAZ, Ural) converted into 22-seat buses

A specially designed underframe makes it possible to use these converted buses for traversing difficult terrain as well as under winter conditions.

Heated interior is equipped with 20 soft seats, and two more can be seated in the driver’s compartment. The passenger compartment has a door on the side and emergency exit in the back. Fans, heaters with independent power supply, and retractable stairs are also available.

Вахтовка   Урал
салон вахтовки   в кунге

Mi-8T, Mi-8P, and Mi-2 helicopters

If you have precious little time and want to see the best of the best, including, volcanoes, valleys, rivers, and waterfalls, all from an unusual, impressive angle, than helicopter is the thing.

The iconic orange and blue MI-8 helicopters are to Russia what the DeHavilland Beaver is to Alaska: They are time proven, burly, reliable workhorses that transport people, produce, construction materials and everything else throughout the roadless wilderness. Russians seem to
have a utilitarian approach to equipment and it’s rare that anyone bothers to wash these machines on the outside from the time they’re painted and rolled off the Moscow assembly line (Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant JSC), until they're scrapped.

But the tender loving care that is given to their mechanical maintenance is another issue. The crew that flies the chopper inspects and supervises every minute aspect of the aircraft’s life on the ground. The captain monitors
the loading and unloading of cargo, the co- captain is on top of the fueling, and the flight engineer is the mechanic. It instills a tremendous sense of confidence knowing that the guy responsible for your safety is sitting right behind that Plexiglas windscreen.

As a passenger they are smooth to ride in. After a jostling rotor and motor check, the beast roars into the air. The blades chop through the atmosphere, normalizing air pockets that cause turbulence in fixed wing aircraft. There are bench seats along each inside wall, equipped with seldom-used seat belts. Large glass portholes open inward, so when you want a photo or a little ventilation, you can just open them. Just don’t forget a set of earplugs! There is no baggage weight limit on the MI-8 Helicopters.

Helicopter Plant MI-8: Medium duty helicopter Maximum Take-off Weight: 13,000 kilograms / 28,600 pounds. Rotor Diameter: 21.3 m / 69 ft; with 5 blades Cruising Speed: 225 km/h / 140 mph
Crew: Pilot, Co-pilot, Flight Engineer
Engines: 2 Isotov TV2-117 turbines
Range: 375 kilometers / 232 miles
Payload Capacity: 32 passengers
Length: 18.3 meters / 61 feet
First Flight: July 31, 1961

Mi-8T: used for transporting groups to the river for a rafting experience; to hunting and fishing bases; to famous sights such as the Valley of Geysers and Kuril Lake; finally, for volcano flybys and heli-skiing.

Loading capacity: up to 4,000kg.

Mi-8P: equipped with up to 24 soft passenger seats and complete with fans and heaters, this passenger-oriented air vehicle is well suited for touring purposes with its increased, rectangular windows.

Mi-2: these little jobs carry groups of five to seven people. 

в кратере   Хели
загрузка   ми-2

Sea yachts аnd motor boats

Ocean yachts for up to 12 people if one-day, up to 6 for overnight voyages. Fishing at sea (halibut, cod, flatfish, rock-fish), cruises into the Pacific, diving.

яхта   палтус
каюта   пелекен

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