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Excursions in summer

Summer excursions in Kamchatka lasting 1 to 7 days

The big two among excursions offered in Kamchatka are of course helicopter trips, one to the Valley of Geysers where volcanic processes, turbulent geysers, and a young petroleum lake in the crater of an ancient volcano can be observed – and another one to the Kuril Lake in southern Kamchatka. Year after year, come August, the biggest stock of wild salmon in the Northern Pacific spawns in this lake, attracting scores and scores of brown bears. Guided by rangers, you will watch those bears fish away from safe distance.

One-day helicopter trips

Volcano ascents, jeep tours lasting one day

Intense and comfortable activity adepts will equally enjoy our excursions to Kamchatka’s sights in groups of up to six people. Smooth rides in well-prepared 4WD vehicles will terminate near any of the many volcanoes such as Mutnovsky, Gorely, Avachinsky, and Vachkazhets, for either an ascent or a little walking.

Volcano ascents, jeep tours, hikes, excursions lasting from 2 to 7 days

Kamchatka is an inexhaustible mine of discoveries and adventures. Jeep tours, volcano ascents, rafting experience will all grant you lots of new impressions. Very entertaining, accessible to anyone, these destinations require neither serious skills nor special conditioning: simply following the guides’ instructions is quite enough. 

Sea cruises

Overland routes for hikers and motorists are aplenty indeed, but why disregard the opportunity to venture off shore? One shouldn’t, given that the innumerable inlets and bays punctuating Kamchatka’s shoreline can indeed enthrall you with their beauty.

City tour

Truly for everyone. Best views to contemplate, evening strolls, guided museum tours.

Adventuring in Kamchatka is a fairly safe enterprise, especially for a place where you will be shown wild brown bears and active volcanoes. There are swathes of untouched nature, but they are only accessible by jeep, dog or deer sled, or helicopter. Excursions and vacations in Kamchatka are the best pastime for those who love nature in its primeval aspects.

Adventures begin literally where the city limits of Petropavlovsk end. You could even call the city itself an adventure: the Avachinsky volcano, considered active and sometimes ejecting spurts of steam and sulfur, can be seen from almost everywhere. And that is only the beginning: you can climb all the way to the summit and see the crater; you can fish at the volcano’s base when rivers literally burst with spawning salmon. Optionally, you can partake of your guide’s catch cooked on the bonfire, and enjoy the fantastic taste of freshly caught and freshly cooked fish. Everybody who has ever been to Kamchatka will say that excursions and vacations in Kamchatka will leave newcomers with lots and lots to remember.


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