Three Volcanoes

Kamchatka is like no other place in terms of giving you that piercing feeling of discovering new, unknown things, ever attractive and always wonderful. No matter what you do to prepare for the meeting, you won’t be able to anticipate all your impressions and feelings or that avalanche of smells and tastes. Kamchatka is charmingly beautiful regardless of season and in spite of her whimsical weather. Join us for a unique journey around Kamchatka, a place worth visiting if once in a lifetime!

Duration: 11 days / 10 nights
Means of transportation involved: vehicles and hiking
Planned tours for pre-assembled groups of up to fourteen: Jul 2 to Sep 11
Planned group tour kick-off in 2018: Jul 2, Jul 5, Jul 8, Jul 11, Jul 14, Jul 17, Jul 20, Jul 23, Jul 26, Jul 29, Aug 1, Aug 4, Aug 7, Aug 10, Aug 13, Aug 16, Aug 19, Aug 22, Aug 25
Difficulty level: no above-average level of physical fitness expected
Comfort level: four nights in twins and doubles in out-of-city lodging; four nights in two-man tents; two nights in cabins at the base of the volcano.
Catering: breakfasts in café at lodging; three meals cooked on gas stove every day while en route

Price per person: 99000 RUB

Tour programme

Day 1: Arrival 
Meet your guide at Yelizovo Airport. Transfer to Petropavlovsk (25km), check in at hotel. Briefing and stress relief time.

Day 2: Helicopter tour to the Valley of Geysers (not included in the price!)
Depart for heliport. Fly to the Valley of Geysers, one of the most outstanding geographic discoveries of the 20th century and the pearl of Kamchatka. Marvel at the shocking beauty of dormant and active volcanoes, mountain ridges, vast expanses of taiga, rivers and lakes. The whole excursion takes six hours, including two and half hours’ flying time. Return to heliport.

Depart from hotel in the evening; around 6 p.m., proceed to the base of the two volcanoes, Avachinsky and Koryaksky (about two hours’ drive). Settle at base camp, supper, rest. If arriving ahead of schedule, visit the volcanic extrusion known as Camel Rock (involves three hours of hiking for a total distance of five kilometres).

Day 3: Avachinsky ascent (2,751m)
Breakfast. Briefing. Climb all the way to the Avachinsky’s crater, taking eight to twelve hours. Snack at the elevation of 2,000m. Explore fumarole clusters and lava dome on the summit. Return to camp, supper. Sauna with a view of both volcanoes. Rest.

Day 4: rafting experience at the Bystraya
Breakfast. Depart for the starting point (160km away, three hours of driving). Prepare the rafts. Safety briefing. Combined rafting and fishing experience (char, rainbow trout, grayling). Dinner en route. Set up camp on the bank in the evening. Supper, rest.

Days 5: more rafting and fishing
Breakfast. Break camp. Continue rafting (expect rapids) and fishing. Dinner en route. Set up camp on the bank in the evening. Supper, rest.

Day 6:
Breakfast. Break camp. Continue rafting and fishing. Dinner en route. Return to hotel.

Day 7: off for Mutnovsky
Breakfast. Ride an all-terrain vehicle to the volcanic plateau near the base of the Mutnovsky volcano, taking three hours. Break at the base of the Vilyuchinsky volcano, continue until at destination. Set up camp. Supper, rest.

Day 8: climb the Mutnovsksy
Breakfast. Set out for the crater with the hiking part expected to take four to seven hours, depending on the situation with snow patches. Cross vast, never-melting snow fields and a narrow canyon cracked through the crater. Snack en route. Tour the crater. Return to base camp, supper, rest.

Day 9: climb the Gorely (1,829m)
Breakfast, break camp. Proceed to the base of the Gorely volcano. Briefing. Climb up and view the craters, taking five to eight hours. Snack en route. Walk down, supper, return to hotel.

Day 10: sea cruise
Breakfast. Transfer to Petropavlovsk. Cruise on a motor boat in the Avacha Bay to reach the island of Starichkov. Bird watching and marine fishing. Dinner served on board. Return to port and then to hotel.

Day 11: departure
Breakfast. Check out. Visit fish market, transfer to the airport, departure.

Price includes:
- hotel accommodation;
- guide fees;
- chef fees;
- all catering as per itinerary;
- all excursions as per itinerary;
- all transfers as per itinerary;
- group equipment rental (tents, kitchenware, etc.);
- health insurance;
- entry tickets for designated natural objects.


Price does not include:
- additional excursions or transfers;
- helicopter excursion to the Valley of Geysers (priced 42000 RUB).






What to pack:  
- backpack, 40 litres (to pack your personal belongings)
- boots with lugged soles;
- spare footwear;
- windproof jacket;
- warm clothes (sweatshirt, trousers, socks, cap, gloves);
- rain cover; 
- light headgear;
- swimming gear;
- sunglasses;
- toiletries;
- repellent;
- sunscreen.

You must carry your own equipment yourself.

Helicopter excursion to the Valley of Geysers is contingent on the forming of an ad hoc group of twenty guests.

Attention! We reserve the right to alter the sequence of events while providing the entirety of the programme!


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