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Sea Cruise to Avacha Bay

The Bay of Avacha is recognised as the world’s largest and prettiest bay in the whole world. Completely surrounded by hills and snow-capped mountain summits, it can host the whole world’s fleet! During the cruise you will see ringed seals, sea otters, fur seals, and, if you’re lucky, the beautiful killer whales.

Huge members of birds nest on islands, including red-faced cormorants, glaucous-winged gulls, fulmars, tufted puffins, Atlantic puffins, pigeon guillemots, and many more. Besides, these islands are home to the rare Steller’s sea eagle, the largest among sea eagles.

The diminutive bays create unique shorelines and rugged rags are veiled in legend. Thus, the three rocks towering above the strait connecting the bay and the ocean are called Three Brothers – you can capture on your camera this ‘gateway to the city,’ as theyare called… People say that there were brothers who once stood up to protect Petropavlovsk and were petrified, shielding the coast from huge tsunami. All this coupled with the Avacha Bay’s magnificent panorama crowned by the towering peak of Vilyuchinsky volcano will leave lasting marks in your memory!

Cruise description

It is a six-hour cruise including fishing experience, dinner, and approaches to the Three Brothers and the island of Starichkov. This island’s picturesque shores are frequented by tourists and divers throughout summer time. In addition to marine birds, lucky visitors can see such aquatic mammals as sea otters, ringed seals, and even killer whales. There are two beautiful rock formations consisting of water-deposited material, and on one of them – a couple of Steller’s sea eagles bring out nestlings every year.

♦ price: 6300 RUB;
♦ time available: May to October;
♦ duration: 6-7 hours.
♦ price includes: dinner (fish soup, cold cuts [vegetables and meat], tea, coffee, sweets), diver’s fees, tackle and bait.

Also included:

♦ transfer to the embarkation point and back;
♦ motor-boat rental (Russkaya Bay, Bechevinka, etc.)


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