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Fishing on the river Pymta

This is a hunting-and-fishing base located 300km away from Petropavlovsk, on the western coast of Kamchatka where the river Pymta empties into the Sea of Okhotsk.

Time available: July 20 through October 10
Number of participants: up to eight
The setting: Pymta river mouth on the western cost of Kamchatka
What to catch: rainbow trout, silver salmon, char, pink salmon, chum salmon
Arrival method: all-terrain jeep
Comfort level: two hotels with a total capacity of eleven (additional four can be arranged); for larger corporate events, oven-heated yurts with beds will be erected, housing ten to twelve more; rooms for staff house four to six.
There are several toilet outhouses and one indoor composting toilet for women and children. In summer time, the water heater is always running, making hot showers available round the clock.
The canteen-cum-kitchen is equipped with all that is necessary. In summer time, when numbers of guests can be significant, we add a summer kitchen. There is autonomous power supply, but no cellular network.


Day 1

Transfer to the camp by all-terrain vehicle, taking five hours. Snacks en route: tea, coffee, sandwiches. Arrival. Evening fishing. Rest.

Days 2 to 4: Fishing

Explore the river on motor boat and try different fishing spots. Bank fishing if low water makes boat useless.

Day 5

Breakfast, morning fishing, dinner, depart to the city.

Price per person per day, including the first and the last day: 15000 RUB

Price includes:
- accommodation at base;
- three hot meals daily;
- chef’s, guide’s, and other fees;
- motor boat or Argo off-road vehicle;
- fishing licences.



Price does not include:
- alcoholic drinks;
- interpreter’s fees;
- transfer to base and back.



Transportation costs both ways per group: 60000 RUB if up to six, 80000RUB if more than six people in group

What to pack:  water- and windproof clothing, boots, water boots, warm boots, warm underwear and spare underwear, medication if necessary, sunglasses, sunscreen, lip protector, caps, gloves, tackles.


Yevgeny Kostyukov​

phone .: +7-914-625-33-99


skype-400 evgeny.kostyukov