Winter Story

This winter tour will introduce you to Kamchatka’s highlights and let you enjoy the fresh air, the radiant sun, the glistening snow, and the magical ambience of mountains. Comfortable accommodation with thermal pools attached makes for a perfect break from your daily routines – both mentally and physically!

Planned tours for ad hoc groups in 2018: Jan 3 to 9, Jan 12 to 18, Jan 21 to 27, Feb 1 to 7, Feb 10 to 16, Feb 20 to 26, Mar 6 to 12, Mar 16 to 22 марта, Mar 25 to 31 марта, Apr 4 to 10

For pre-assembled groups of 2 to 14 people, tours available on any day from Jan 3 through Apr 15

Price per person:

7 days / 6 nights


Day 1: Arrival 
Meet your guide at Yelizovo Airport. Transfer to hotel in Paratunka. Briefing with guide. Resting time, stress relief in open-air thermal pool.

Day 2: Dog sled ride
Breakfast. Depart to sled dog kennels. Dog-sled ride after touring the venue. Meet aborigines, opportunity to take pictures while wearing ethnic costumes. Dinner featuring venison soup and hot tea. Transfer to hotel. Resting time.

Your coach, a Beringia sled dog race winner, will tell you everything about the dogs’ pedigree, age, and riding performance. You will meet the cutest of puppies, a wolf-dog named Brave, athletic Norwegian half-breeds, and Alaskan huskee.

Your first ride will take you along the specially prepared, signed track complete with picturesque views of two large volcanoes, Avachinsky and Koryaksky.

You will be followed by a snowmobile equipped with a comfortable bunk sitting 4 to 5 passengers. The track is 20km long, and each guest will get a chance to drive!

Day 3: Snowmobile to the Avachinsky
Breakfast. Depart to the snowmobile embarkation point. Snowmobile-propelled sled ride, where you will be taken up the Dry Creek and slowly ascend to the plateau forming the base of the Avachinsky and Koryaksky volcanoes. The Camel Rock, indeed resembling its two-humped namesake at rest, is nested between the two giants. Dinner in a cabin nested at the slope of a volcano. Optionally, ski rides in couloirs (equipment available for rent). Transfer to hotel, resting time. 

The Avachinsky, tall at 2751m, ranks among the most active volcanoes and is known to the locals under the pet-name, ‘Home Volcano.’ The most recent eruption could be observed from the city in 1991. It is the large, smoking volcano that you will see from the window while your jet is changing course. The signature feature of the peninsula, it welcomes visitors as the first thing they see.

Day 4: Skiing and hot springs  
Breakfast. Transfer to alpine ski centre. Ski and snowmobile experience, optionally cross-country skiing (equipment rental and chairlift fees not included). Transfer to Zelenovskie Ozerki, a hydrogen sulfide spa resort. Hot spring experience. Return to hotel.

Moroznaya is the most popular alpine ski centre in Kamchatka, a place where professional athletes train to compete for the national team. Five trails of various difficulty are served by three T-bar lifts, and quick meals are available from a canteen.

Day 5: Snowmobiles to the Pacific coast. Three Brothers
Breakfast. Transfer to snowmobile embarkation point. Snowmobile-propelled sled ride offering views of cute bays, finishing at Three Brothers, a rock formation designated as regional heritage. Dinner and hot tea. Return to hotel.

Three Brothers is the moniker used to denote the three huge, strangely shaped rocks. Legends have it that three brother warriors once saved the local residents from a big wave. After deflecting tsunami they were petrified and stand guard near the sea-coast to this day.

Day 6: City tour, museum, and sea lions
Breakfast. Transfer to the city of Petropavlovsk. City tour. Local museum tour. Transfer to the Mokhovaya Bay for sea lion-watching. Return to hotel, resting time.

Sea lions rank among the most intriguing mammals on our planet. Only seen at North Pacific coast, they have been making appearance at the Mokhovaya Bay for over two decades: it is their favourite resting place. This natural wonder incites curiosity in local residents and visitors alike. The sole two known instances of sea lions becoming regulars at an urban beach are Petropavlovsk and Seattle, Wn.

Day 7: Departure
Breakfast, depart from hotel. Transfer to the town of Yelizovo. Visit local fish market. Transfer to airport. Departure.

Attention! We reserve the right to alter the sequence of events while providing the entirety of the programme!

Price includes:
- accommodation in Paratunka;
- guide fees;
- breakfasts at the hotel and all food provided during excursions;
- above-listed excursions;
- above-listed transfers;
- health insurance;
- entry tickets for designated natural objects.
  Price does not include:
- flights to Kamchatka and back;
- hotel accommodation before or after the tour;
- transfers and excursions not listed above;
- equipment rent;
- suppers at hotel;
- chairlift fees;
- alcoholic drinks.

What to pack:  
- skiing / snowboarding equipment
- clothes for winter sports;
- winter boots (temperatures can fall to -20°С);
- ski goggles; 
- thermals;
- good sweatshirt;
- wool socks;
- socks;
- T-shirts;
- warm gloves;
- wool cap;
- underwear;
- bathroom supplies and swimming gear;
- toiletries;
- first aid kit;
- sunglasses and sunscreen;
- camera; 
- photocopies of all your personal documents.



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