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Valley of Geysers and Uzon caldera

Include the whole set of those mmmm destinations of the Kronotsky Reserve in one trip. Valley of Geysers – Uzon volcanic caldera – and Burlyaschy volcano, the unearthly, mysterious place! Expand your horizons during a hiking trip from the Valley of Geysers and all the way to the Pacific coast!

It will be ten days of pure pleasure derived from contact with untouched nature that you will imbibe with every pore and keep deep in your heart. Your way home will lie across the boundless expanses of the Pacific Ocean. Memories and stories from this trip will be with you and your important ones for a long time to go!

Type of tour and means of transportation involved: adventures with learning value; helicopter and hiking

Destinations included: Valley of Geysers, Uzon volcano caldera, Burlyaschy volcano, Semyachinskie springs, Semyachinsky estuary, Pacific Ocean

Times available: July through September                      

Duration: 12 days / 11 nights

Difficulty level: expect some physical exertion and hikes across mountainous terrain with a light backpack

Comfort level: hotel in the Valley of Geysers, summer cabins, camping out

Price per person: 114 000 RUB

Day 1: Arrival

Arrival in Yelizovo airport and visit to the seafood market. Transfer to lodging with thermal pools. Check-in at comfortable rooms.

Day 2: Helicopter to the Kronotsky reserve

Transfer to heliport and take-off for the Valley of Geysers (Mi-8 helicopter will be used), the whole flight taking 65 minutes. Given favourable weather, the Avachinsky and Zhupanovsky volcanic clusters can be viewed en route. Expect flybys of the constantly active volcano Karymsky and another volcano, Maly Semyachik, with a lake of acid in its crater. Arrival in the Valley of Geysers. Check-in at hotel, dinner. Tour the valley’s pretty sights on wooden walkways.

Day 3: Hike from the Valley of Geysers to cabins

Bonus excursion around the Valley of Geysers and to the amazing lodge named Glukhoy, 11km away, beginning with crossing a small mountain river. Panoramic views of the Uzon (1,650m) and Taunshits (2,353m) volcanoes. Settle in spartan cabins. Supper.

Total hiking distance: 11km

Day 4: Uzon caldera

Detour to and around the caldera of the Uzon volcano. You must wear watertight boots. The five-kilometre pathway crosses some loose riverside terrain as well as some marshy places. There are wooden walkways near the most beautiful portions of the caldera as well as a visitor centre and a helipad. The excursion will very intense, including a visit to the crater of a small extrusive dome with crystal clear lake in it and a ‘floating island’ in its centre. Dinner will be served on the lake-side, and volunteers can take a swim. Return to the Glukhoy, supper, overnight stay.

Total hiking distance: 15km

Day 5: Hike to the Burlyaschy volcano

Involves panoramic views of the Uzon caldera, volcanic massif of Ancient Semyachik, and a rocky volcano named Zubatka (1,740m) and includes wading across a small rivulet and the river Shumnaya. There is a cabin near the base of the Burlyaschy with enough space for five – if it is a group of more than five, then tents will be pitched near the cabin. Supper, rest.

Total hiking distance: 25km

Day 6: Burlyaschy tour

Walking tour around thermal anomalies around the massif. Moonscapes centred on the Black acid lake. Ascent to the steaming hill and then down to the Steaming Valley full of sulfurous vapours. Nothing but the Valley of Geysers and Mutnovsky volcano can be compared with this. The hike will take about six hours. Hot supper and camping out for the night.

Total hiking distance: 12km

Day 7: To the Semyachinskie hot springs

Cross the Steaming Valley and follow a mountain pass for an unforgettable view of the Zubatka volcano’s rocky cirque. Trek down to birch forest across fields of cinders and volcanic bombs, passing by the volcanic extrusion nicknamed Hedgehog. Set up camp near the old cabin and Nizhne-Semyachinskie hot springs where spa facilities existed in the 1980s. Bathing in roofed thermal pool. Supper. Sleeping options include the cabin and tents.

Total hiking distance: 20km

Day 8: Pacific Ocean cleared

Break camp. Walk through the birch forest to the Pacific coast. Low tides make it a comfortable walk along the beach or the Semyachinsky estuary where the occasional brown bear and innumerable ducks and whooper swans. Curious ringed seals inhabit the waters of the estuary. There is a boat to cross it and set up camp on a clearing.

Total hiking distance: 16km

Day 9: Contingency day

Day 10: Sea cruise

Walk to the abandoned settlement of Zhupanovo (4km) where rubber motor-boats will take you to the larger vessel. Depart for Petropavlovsk. During the voyage, you may see killer whales, rocky shores, and birds’ nesting grounds. Pass the famed Three Brothers and many other rock formations and enter the Bay of Avacha. Arrival in the city, check-in at hotel. Rest.

The voyage, 180km in length, takes anywhere between ten and twenty hours. Negotiably, we can call at Bechevinka where the abandoned military settlement still stands, once a place where diesel-powered submarines called at. One such submarine can be seen grounded. There is fish to be caught in bays.

Day 11: Free time

Take a break from wilderness and get back to civilisation. Order additional excursions or services.

Day 12: End adventures, departure

Price includes:
- all transfers as per itinerary;
- guide fees;
- entry tickets for designated natural objects;
- catering while en route;
- health insurance.



Price does not include:
- flights to Kamchatka or back;

- suppers at lodging;
- alcoholic drinks.




 What to pack:  
- backpack, 70 to 100 litres (to pack your personal belongings);
- comfortable outdoor clothing;
- waterproof trekking boots with hard lugged soles;
- spare footwear;
- waterproof jacket with cape;
- waterproof trousers;
- warm fleece sweatshirt;
- socks;
- T-shirts;
- cap;
- bathroom supplies and swimming gear;
- toiletries;
- first-aid kit;
- sunglasses;
- sunscreen;
- repellent;
- copies of all your personal ID in watertight cover.


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