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Upper Opala thermal springs – Bear watching & fishing

Located south of Petropavlovsk, the Upper Opala thermal springs are protected as a natural site included in the national reserve named Oleny Dol.

The springs are found three kilometres away from the river Left Opala, allowing for several different activities to be combined while in this area. Excellent opportunities to engage in various recreation activities in the valley of thermal springs is a great match to fishing at the Left Opala.

Pink, chum, silver, sockeye – salmon abound in the Opala in summer time, and chances of getting a trophy are really high. And between swimming in hot springs and fishing for your trophies you will get a great chance of watching wild brown bears.

These thermal springs are surrounded by vast areas overgrown with berry-bearing shrubs such as honey-suckle, blueberry, crowberry, and lingonberry, attracting bears who can be watched from a safe 50 to 100 metres in the company of a guide carrying all necessary means of protection.

A three-day jeep tour to the Upper Opala hot springs will appeal to fans of intense action during their vacations amid primeval nature of the Kamchatka peninsula.

Tour programme:

Day 1. Drive an all-terrain vehicle across the Vilyuchinsky pass to the river Paratunka, where the Upper Opala thermal springs are. Stop for taking pictures at the pass. Backcountry ride down to the valley.

Cross volcanic sands and hardened lava flow at the Gorely’s caldera. Stop for a snack. Whole journey takes five to six hours, depending on road conditions. Arrive at Upper Opala thermal springs. Set up camp surrounded by anti-bear electric fence. Supper, rest.

Day 2. Breakfast at camp. Two kilometres’ hike to tundra, observing brown bears. Walk down to the river Opala. Fishing, dinner, return to camp. Supper, rest.

Day 3. Breakfast at camp. Pack equipment, return to Petropavlovsk.

Time available: August and September
Duration: 3 days / 2 nights


Price per person: 32 000 RUB
Number of participants: up to four (or more, but then the price is increased)


What to pack: wind- and waterproof jacket with a cape, hiking boots, fleece, headgear, cotton gloves, sunglasses, sunscreen, repellent, small backpack for climbing (30-50 litres), camera, spare batteries.

Price includes:

• guide fees;
• chef fees;
• catering;
• group equipment rental (tents, kitchenware, etc.)
• all-terrain vehicle rent.


Weather may impose change in itineraries, including delays and postponed departures.


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