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The tour «ExploKamchatka»

Tour «ExploKamchatka»

ExploKamchatka - during this active programme you will visit Valley of Geysers that is famous all over the world, you will see the culture of natives, their traditions and folklore. Having adventure and exciting ride to the active volcanoes or a boat trip to the Pacific ocean everyone can feel themselves an explorer of this wild and severe land

About the tour:

Period:  June, 1 to September, 15
Duration: 8 days / 7 nights
Number of participants: within 14
Kind of activities: trekking, hiking, boat trip
Difficulty: the tour is appropriate for people of any physical fitness, and is good for travelling with children
Recommendations: people, who need regular medical cure are not allowed to this tour
Housing: accomodatoin in resort area, TWIN suites
Food: Breakfast in the resort area ine the caffe. Durind the rides tourists are provided with hot  lunch, snacks


  1.   Helicopter tour to the Valley of Geysers, caldera of the Uzon volcanoe. Natural park Nalychevo.

  2.   Trecking to the mountain massif of Vachkazhets, waterfals, lake Takhkoloch. Walk under Avachinsky and Koryaksky volcanoes.

  3.     Acquaintance with the history, traditions and culture of natives.

  4. Walk along the Pacific ocean shpre.

  5.      Boat trip across Avachinskaya bay.

  6. Walk through the fumarols and hot springs.

  7. Observing thee wildlife and results of ansient volcanic activity.


day 1 


Meeting in the airport. Transfer to the resort area (40 km). Accomodation. Discussing the details of programme. Having rest, bathing in the swimming pool with the thermal water. Dinner.

day 2 

Helicopter tour to the Valley of Geysers, caldera of the Uzon volcanoe. Natural park Nalychevo.

Breakfast. Transfer to the heliport. During the flight you will observe many volcanoes, beautiful landscapes, forests, rivers and lakes. (Duration of the excusion is 6 hours, including the time in flight 2 hours 30 min).

Valley of Geysers is the unique natural phenomenon. It is located in the Kronotsky wildlife sanctuary in the broad canyon that is crossed by the river Geysernaya. Here you can observe all known forms of the hydrothermal activityб including hot springs, hot acid lakes, mud spots, steam flows, and geysers.

The biggest geyser is called “Velikan” (Giant) has the crater abut 3x5 meters. The water stream erupts out of it is about 30 meters high. The Valley is very picturesque with its colourfull clays, unusual structure of geyserite rocks, thermophilic algaeand endemuc plants.

Karymsky volcano is located in the central part of the Kamchatka Eastern Volcanic zone. It is a typical stratovolcano, its height is 1536 meters. Nowdays Karymsky is one of the most active volcanoes in the world. Durind 215 years there were 20 eruptions. Now this volcano has a stage n of a new volcanic cycle activation. The last eruption started on the 2nd of January, 1996 and is still continuing. Every 5-15 minutes there are explosions of ashe and gas.

Maly Semyachik volcano belongs to the Karymskaya group of volcanoes and is locatd 15 km north-east from Karymsky volcano. Nowdays Maly Semyachik is interestind with its acid lake that is in the active crater Troitsky. Diameter of the lake is about 500-600 meters, the depth is about 140 meters. In the centre of the lake there is a crater with the stream of volcanic gas going out of it.

Caldera of the Uzon volcano. The term “caldera” points to the specific origin of this giant crater. About 300 000 years ago ther was a big stratovolcano. After many eruptions  the volcano was damaged, the ground under it went down and the caldera  was formed.

Uzon is very old, but it has a great geological history. During thouthands years fumarols has changed the ground here and has formed many thermal springs.

Uzon was taken into custody - since 1996 it is included by UNESCO to the list of World Heritage.

In the centre of caldera there is a thermal zone included more than 1000 hot springs. The springs feed with water plenty of lakes. The biggest lake is Khloridnoye, its diameter is 150 meters

day 3

The tour to the mountain massif and waterfalls of Vachkazhets volcano

Breakfast. Leaving the resort area. Ride by the off-road automobile along the winding forest road to the picturesque lake Takhkoloch. Tracking to the mountains. Duration of the walk is 2-3 hours. Lunch. The route leads to the beautiful waterfall. On the way you can observe rare flowers, birds, llandscapes.  Come back to the resort area. Dinner. Having rest.

This mountain and its surroundings are one of the most beautiful places in the pristine nature of Kamchatka. In ancient times was one Vachkazhets volcano, but as a result of a strong eruption, he exploded, which led to the division into three distinct parts.

Nature Monument includes the combination of scenic landscapes, geological complex deposits Viluchinskaya, Paratunka Berezovsky suite anavgayskoy Series (of lava, ash and other volcanic rocks) with rare minerals and remnants of ancient fauna, extremely rare in these sediments.

Steep rocky slopes of the mountain range down to the shores of Lake Tahkoloch. The rocky outcrops are presented a variety of minerals (quartz, opals, and others.). There, on the slopes of the Massif found relief forms of glacial origin.

day 4

Ethnographic excursion. Walk along the Pacific ocean shore. Beach with the black sand.

Brakfast. Transfer to the national village with the dog kennel. Excursion. Acquaintance with the history, traditions and culture of natives. Lunch. Ride to the Pacific ocean shore, Khalaktyrsky beach with black sand. Walk. Comeback to the resort area. Dinner. having rest. 

Khalaktyrsky beach is a stright shore of Avacha bay in the south-east of Kamchatka peninsula. It is not far from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, between two rivers-Khalaktyrka and Nalycheva. Its length is about 30 km and width is 100 meters.

day 5 

Avachinsky pass. Climbing the volcanic extrusion Verblud (Camel).

Breakfast. Transfer to the foot of Avachinsky volcano. It will take about 3-4 hours. Tracking to the volcanic extrusion (2 hours). Lunch on the pass with a picturesque view. Comeback to the resort area. Dinner.

Volcanic extrusion “Camel” is one of the Kamchatka  geological sights. It was formed as the result of breaks around volcanoes bottoms. It has two sharp tops like the camels humps. This unique extrusion is right between two volcanoes - Avachinsky (2751 m.) and Koryaksky (3456 m.).

day 6 

Boat trip across Avachinskaya bay, fishing.

Breakfast. Transfer to the Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky port. Boat trip (6 hours). Observing the city panorama, Avacha bay, Tikhaya bay, island Grandmother stone, Stanitsky cape, roks Three Brothers.

You will have a chance to try yourself in fishing near the roks Three Brothers and iseland Starichkov. This island got its name because there is a big colony of sea birds “Stariks”. Here you also can observe many other birds.

Lunch on the board. Comeback to the resort area.

Avachinskaya bay is known as the biggest and the most beautiful bay in the world! It is surrounded by the hills and snow white picks. It can accomodate whole worlds fleet.

During the summertime many tourists and divers attend picturesqe shores of Starichkov island. Also you will have a chance to see sea lions, seals and even orcas here.

day 7 

Climbing the Gorely volcano (1829 m).

Breakfast. Leaving the resort area. Ride to the foot of Gorely volcano (about 3 hours with short stops for photoshooting). Safety instruction before the climbing. Climbing and observing the craters (about 5 hours). There is a lunch on the way (tea, sandwiches, frouts, nuts). Comeback to the resort area. Dinner. Having rest.

The structure of Gorely volcano is a really breathtaking sight! Many years ago the top of an ancient volcano went down and formed the 13 kilometers caldera. There were very intensive eruptions coming out of calderas bottom. During these eroptions some craters merged with each other. As the result now there is an unusual ridged massif coming up out of the huge caldera. There are 11 craters of different size and shape. Many of these picturesque craters has colourful lakes, some of them are full of snow and ice.

day 8


Breakfast. Transfer to the airport. On the way - attending the fish marcet and the souvenire shop. Departure.


• accomodation in the resort area, full board;

• guides;

• cookers;

• interpreters (English, German);

• food;

• transfers;

• insurance;

• allowance for attending natural parks;

• helicopter tour to the Valley of Geysers.

Not included:

• additional transfers and excursions;

• alcoholic beverages.


Backpack 40 L, tracking boots, water/windproof clothes, hat, gloves, sweater, swimming suite, sunglasses, first aid kit, repellent, sunscrin.

Additional information: tourists should pay great attention to their equipment, because in the mountains there is snow even during the summertime snd the temperature can get lower.

Helicopter tour to the Valley of Geysers starts in group up to 18 people.

Attention! Кamchatka Outdoors LLC have the right to change the order of excursions, but fully comlpelte the programme!


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