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Snowmobile tour to the Pacific coast

Pacific Ocean: what a sight! As far as one can see, it’s all blue and no end of blue; and all the way towards the horizon, waters lie still and lazy, smooth and flat except for a strip of surf where waves crash noisily on the shore.

The Three Brothers are known to guard the entrance into the Avacha Bay since 1737, when they first appeared on charts of the haven and vicinity of Petropavlovsk. James Cook, Jean François Lapérouse, and Ivan Kruzenshtern were all met by these rocks – as were many other famed sea-farers. The rocks loom big and have weird shapes, and legend has it that three brother strongmen once stood up to protect local residents from a tsunami, and when the huge wave was deflected, they became petrified and guard the bay ever since. In modernity, the Three Brothers are officially designated as a regionally important sight and symbolise the Bay of Avacha.


- transfer to where the snowmobiles are parked;
- ride the sled attached to the snowmobile with stops at scenic places for panoramic views and picture-taking;
- climb to the observation point, wherefrom ‘pet volcanoes’ and the Pacific can be viewed;
- hot tea and sandwiches on the beach;
- return.

Time available: January through May

Duration: four hours

Number of participants: two to six (or more, but then the price is increased)

What to pack: winter outfit (good for -25°C), sunglasses, or masks.

Price per person: 4500 RUB

Children of five and less granted free admittance; price for a child older than five: 3500 RUB


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