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Snowmobile tour to Gorely volcano and Vilyuchinsky falls

Gorely is a natural sight located 75km to the southeast from Petropavlovsk. It is neither exceptionally tall nor particularly steep, making it a fairly easy climb to reach the craters. With the total elevation of 1,829m, the volcano consists of two large structures, one shield crowned with a caldera measuring 10 x 13 metres, and one younger conglomerate of three sequentially formed cones.

Their slopes number some forty secondary ruptures each with a cinder cone of various sizes. Gorely’s summit opens a panoramic view including such volcanoes as Opala and Osacha and, barring bad weather, the ‘pet’ volcanoes of Koryaksky, Avachinsky, and Kozelsky. People any age can handle the trek and the volcano is generally ‘hospitable,’ but one had better know its ‘schedule’: sometimes steam and gasses stream up from its craters, rising as high as one kilometre up and obscuring the view.


- transfer to where the snowmobiles are parked;
- ride the snowmobile to the crater;
- 100-metre climb to the crater;
- hot tea and pre-packed meal in the crater;
- ride to the Vilyuchinsky waterfall;
- ride back to the camp, bathing in pool;
- return.

Time available: February through May

Duration: one day

Number of participants: up to six (or more, but then the price is increased)

What to pack: winter outfit (good for -25°C), sunglasses, or masks.

Price per person: 9000 RUB</span>


Yevgeny Kostyukov​

phone .: +7-914-625-33-99


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