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Sea Cruise to Russkaya Bay

Visit the Russkaya Bay, rightfully claiming the title of the most exciting maritime destination south of Petropavlovsk!

This fjord-like bay will dazzle you with its smooth azure. Precipitous, picturesque shores and the dense emerald amid crystal clear creeks streaming towards the shore all attract your attention. Many marine mammals and birds make this place their homes for the summer. Sea lions recline comfortably amongst rocks; sharp, black fins of killer whales cut through the sea surface. Sometimes you can even see magnificent shapes of humpback whales.

The comfortable motor-boat will carry you out of the sea port to cross the Avacha Bay, exit into the Pacific, and head south. The crew will by no means let you get bored: you will see caves and grottos near the Tikhaya Bay.

Those into maritime fishing will be able to test the well-prepared tackle and appreciate the diversity of fish found in Kamchatka’s waters. Our professionally employed diver will make you happy with a fresh catch of crabs and sea urchin roe, the original Kamchatka’s delicacies which combine refined taste with unquestionable health properties of iodine, calcium, and phosphorus.

Water is amazing. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of connecting with the mysterious, beaconing expanses of blue, imbibing fresh air bursting with iodine, catching the dazzling sun-blots on the sea surface, and marvelling at unique landscapes.

Cruise description

It is an eight-hour cruise including fishing experience, dinner, and approaches to the Three Brothers and the island of Starichkov. In the Russkaya Bay, in addition to marine birds, lucky visitors can see such aquatic mammals as sea otters, ringed seals, and even killer whales. Sea fishing with possible trophies including flatfish, Asiatic trout, halibut; marine mammal and bird watching. While on board, you will taste Kamchatka’s delicacies, including crabs, sea urchin roes, and whelks.

♦ price: 9000 RUB;
♦ time available: May to October;
♦ duration: 8-9 hours.
♦ price includes: dinner (fish soup, cold cuts [vegetables and meat], tea, coffee, sweets), diver’s fees, tackle and bait.

Also included:

♦ transfer to the embarkation point and back;


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