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Rafting-and-fishing on the river Opala

The Opala flows across the southwestern part of the peninsula. It is one of the most interesting places to fish for chum salmon, rainbow trout, and silver salmon. The river is abundant in fish and game and famed for salmon runs almost guaranteeing successful fishing. Usually, the water is clean and crystal clear.

Opala is strategically important in terms of salmon spawning: all species of salmon that can be found in Kamchatka enter it to lay eggs. The sheer amount of fish attracts lots of bears, eagles, and other opportunistic predators. You will get plenty of opportunities to fish and watch wildlife.

What to catch: rainbow trout, silver salmon, char, chum salmon, pink salmon

Duration: 10 days / 9 nights
Time available: July 25 through October 15
Arrival method: by helicopter until August; converted 6WD truck in August and September; return negotiable
Comfort level: double rooms in hotels and two-man tents during the journey down the river; sauna available on one night; canteens with necessary equipment, including diesel generator, provided
Catering: breakfasts at lodging; during journey down the river, groups are accompanied by chefs who prepare three hot meals per day, using gas stoves


Day 1: Arrival

Meet your guide at Yelizovo Airport. Transfer to Paratunka (40km). Check in at lodging. Resting time, stress relief in open-air thermal pool.

Day 2: Meet the river

All-terrain vehicles will take you across the Gorely volcanic plateau to the Upper Opala hot springs, taking eight to nine hours. Bathing in ‘wild’ thermal springs. Night in tents.

Day 3: Begin fishing

Our personnel will prepare the rafts. Post dinner, travel down the river all the way to the confluence with the Pravaya Opala (1.5 hours). As you fish from the 16- or 18-feet inflatable rafts, the guide navigates by means of two single-bank oars, so the fishers don’t have to take part in navigating. You can fish either from the raft or stationed on the bank. Night in tents.

Day 4: More fishing and rafting

Aim for destination Pervy Klyuch. You will see volcanoes and lots of bears. Night in tents.

Day 5: Resting day

Fish from the bank. Sauna.

Days 6 and 7: More fishing and rafting

Easily navigable rapids. Follow the route. Nights in tents.

Day 8: Finish journey, resting day

Fish from the bank in the lower reaches and mouth of the river. Night in tents.

Day 9:

Vehicles will take you away from the river, including a ferry crossing of the river Bolshaya (a journey of a total of 270km, taking seven to eight hours). Check-in at lodging in Paratunka. Rest.

Day 10: Departure

Breakfast. Depart from lodging. Transfer to Yelizovo, visit fish market, transfer to airport, departure.

IMPORTANT: this itinerary is tentative. Actual schedule depends on the situation with fish availability, and decisions whether to continue downstream or fish from spot are taken ad hoc

Before August 15, transfer to the embarkation point is by Mi-8 helicopters only, payable as 1.5 hours of flight time.

Between August 15 and September 15, all-terrain vehicles can be used for transfers to the river and back.

Price per person if using vehicle:

• for groups of 2 to 3: 150000 RUB per person

for groups of 4 to 5130000 RUB per person

for groups of 6 to 7: 109000 RUB per person

• for groups of 8 to 9: 94000 RUB per person

• for groups of 10: 85000 per person

Price includes:
- transportation;
- accommodation;
- guide fees;
- chef fees;
- catering while en route;
- fishing permits;
- transfers as per itinerary;
- group equipment rental (tents, kitchenware, etc.);
- health insurance;
- entry fees for protected areas.



Price does not include:
- dinners or suppers at lodging;
- additional excursions or transfers;
- personal equipment;
- tackles.







What to pack:  
- watertight sack or bag for personal belongings;
- sleeping bag (comfort temperature -10°C);
- inflatable mat;
- waders or water boots;
- water- and windproof jacket;
- a set of warm clothing (jacket, sweatshirt, trousers, socks, cap, gloves);
- rain cover;
- light cap;
- toiletries;
- sunglasses;
- sunscreen;
- bug repellent;
- first-aid kit;
- tackles.

You are expected to carry your own personal equipment.

Attention! Itinerary may be changed due to unfavourable weather!



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