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Pacific coast – Khalaktyrsky black sand beach

The Khalaktyrsky beach is a flat and almost straight stripe of land extending 30km in length, adjacent to the Pacific Ocean near the Avacha Bay, in the south-eastern part of the peninsula. A stone’s throw away from Petropavlovsk, it is found between the mouths of the rivers Khalaktyrka and Nalycheva. The 100-metre wide beach is mostly black sand.

Tour programme:

- jeep transfer to the beach;
- visit observation points;
- walk at the beach;
- snacks;
- return.

• Time available: year round
• Duration: 4 hours
• Number of participants: two to siz (or more, but then the price is increased)

• Price per person: 2500 RUB


Yevgeny Kostyukov​

phone .: +7-914-625-33-99


skype-400 evgeny.kostyukov