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Mutnovsky and Gorely volcanoes (ascent) plus Little Valley of Geysers

The Mutnovsky-Gorely group comprises an ancient, complex massif. Mutnovsky features some of the most prominent fumarole clusters in all of Kamchatka (and possibly world), while Gorely has a caldera on top of a shield volcano.

Mutnovsky: the pearl of southern Kamchatka

This gigantic mountain consists of four cones merged together whose summits are in various states of destruction due to a range of volcanic activities. Interesting volcanic features can be observed in the crater. Steam-and-gas jets can be observed there, with outlets lined with volcanic sulfur. Some are covered by sulfur domes rising up to 2.5m above ground and extending to 5m in diameter.

The river Vulkannaya flows through the bottom and western wall of the northern crater, to stream down in a huge 80-metre waterfall and then enter the Opasny, a deep canyon. The canyon and the waterfall imbue this volcano with unique aesthetic value, making it a natural object of global significance.

The Gorely has eleven craters most of which are filled with lakes, many remaining frozen throughout summers. The lake in the active crater is hot and very bright turquoise colour due to high content of various salts. The summit is surrounded by a chain of craters, and the slopes feature forty rubble cones and hardened lava flows. In the most recent 1986 eruption, steam and gasses rose up to 5km up in the air.

Dachnye thermal springs, also known as Little Valley of Geysers, are found on the northern face of Mutnovsky. Here, in addition to steam-and-gas jetsand boiling cauldrons, you will find hot springs, warm lakes, and thermal swamps. The springs are located to a circular-shaped basin with steep walls as high as 30m. This place counts over a hundred major and minor steam-and-gas jets.

Tour programme:

Day 1

Ride all-terrain vehicle to volcanic plateau near the base of the Mutnovsky where the geothermal power plant is. Hike to Dachnye thermal springs, also known as Little Valley of Geysers. Return to parking area, snacks, ride to camping area near the Osvistanny creek. Set up camp, supper, rest.

Day 2

Breakfast. Set out for crater of Mutnovsky, an active volcano, the hike taking from four to seven hours depending on the snow situation. Cross never-melting snow patches and canyon that is a crack in the crater’s wall, stopping for a snack. Walk around the crater, return to base camp, supper, rest.

Day 3

Breakfast. Break camp. Transfer to the base of the Gorely volcano. Ascent, crater viewing, taking a total of five to eight hours with a stop for a snack. Descent, supper, return.

• Time available: July through September
• Duration: 3 days / 2 nights
• Number of participants: up to five (or more, but then the price is increased)
• Price per person: 28 000 RUB

Price includes:

• guidance fees;
• chef’s fee;
• catering;
• group equipment rental (tents, kitchenware, etc.);
• all-terrain vehicle rent.

What to pack: wind- and waterproof jacket with a cape, hiking boots, fleece, headgear, cotton gloves, sunglasses, sunscreen, repellent, small backpack for climbing (30-50 litres), camera, spare batteries.

Weather may impose change in itineraries, including delays and postponed departures.


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