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Karymshinskie thermal springs

There’s a place on the left bank of the river Karymshina called ‘Hot Earth’ because of hot springs found there. It is a very enjoyable place to go, in all respects. The scenery is great with a view of the river flowing down a mountain gorge, and the springs have some health-giving properties as they help heal musculoskeletal disorders, allergies, and skin diseases. Heaps (and heaps, and heaps) of snow, rivers, ravines, and lots of good humour – this is what to expect!

Upon arrival, we will set up a special tent for you to change in comfort, regardless of weather.

Tour programme:

- jeep transfer to the thermal springs (the route is interesting with rivers to be traversed and huge boulders and snow heaps to be marvelled at);
- bathing in thermal springs
- dinner (pre-packed, with tea);
- return.

• Time available: year round
• Duration: 1 day
• Number of participants: up to five (or more, but then the price is increased)
• Price per person: 22 000 RUB

What to pack: warm jacket with a cape, winter boots, gloves, sunglasses, swimming gear, camera, spare batteries.


Yevgeny Kostyukov​

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