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Helicopter to the Mutnovsky crater

Discover the truly boundless panorama: a bird’s-eye view of Russia’s easternmost sea-shore and further to the horizon.

The Mutnovsky volcano stands 2,323m tall above sea level and its last eruption occurred in the 2000s. The crater’s slopes are blanketed by a huge glacier while the floor of the crater contains some cauldrons with boiling mud streaming jets of mud and steam.

Outdoor hot spring experience can be superb in winter time. Freezing temperatures pose a nice additional stroke to the pleasurable experience rather than a problem. Just picture yourself sitting shoulders deep in water and then, having become thoroughly warm inside, you run out and, fear forgotten, dive headlong into a pile of snow: believe us, this simple operation will leave you as happy as a child regardless of your importance and social standing.


- transfer to helipad;
- fly to the Mutnovsky’s active crater (our principal destination) with a flyby of Vilyuchinsky, another volcano, and a frozen waterfall. The helicopter will make its way through the crack in the ancient crater and, given favourable conditions, land on a fumarole field. The crater is like a living thing, treating your eyes to a fantastic, enthralling sight: a multitude of sulfur cones, bright yellow in colour, interspersed with fumaroles and mud cauldrons boiling violently. You will be able to tour the crater;
- fly to the Zhirovskie hot springs on the Pacific coast;
- bathe in hot springs and walk the wild beach with black sand;
- return.

Time available: year round

Duration: three hours

Number of participants: one to six (Robinson R-44 helicopters are used, each seating three)

Price per group: 65 000 RUB if up to three, 110 000 RUB if four to six people in the group


Yevgeny Kostyukov​

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