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Gorely volcano (ascent)

Climbing the Gorely volcano and viewing active craters. Height above sea level 1829m.

‘Gorely’ means ‘burnt down’ in Russian – an apt name, many travellers may think after nearing or climbing one of the most beautiful volcanoes in vicinity of Petropavlovsk – and they will be right!

The thing is that Gorely doesn’t at all fit the stereotypical, conic-shaped image of a volcano, so it doesn’t at all look like what we’re used to seeing on photographs and pictures by famous artists. Gorely is unparalleled!

It is a whole massif with clearly defined ranges and a multitude of craters – current counts typically yield eleven, five of them active. The colours are unique, too: the flowing black-and-grey of volcanic sand with the occasional touch of purple at the gigantic shoulders makes you travel centuries in the past, feeling the primeval beauty of our blue planet.

The Gorely is an active volcano with a period of several decades; the most recent eruption occurred in autumn 2008, when many were surprised at seeing pillars of grey smoke on the other side of the Bay of Avacha. The Gorely remained active for more than fifteen months. The eruptions were explosive and more violent than expected, often spurting ashes, rubble, gasses, and steam up to 2km above ground, while lava leaks dominated earlier eruptions.

The volcano received its name due to the abundance of ‘burnt rock,’ stemming from lava. The most unique object to be seen there is a chain of variously shaped craters near the summit. The biggest and most beautiful crater known as the Blue Lake is located in the eastern part; it is a real, tender blue lake partially covered with ice. It is also the final destination of tour groups who make the two- or three-hour-long ascent, which isn’t at all strenuous and can be completed by anyone with an average level of physical fitness.

You will be carefully guided through the ascent by experienced, caring guides who can tune the pace to your fatigue, making well-balanced stops.

Tour programme:

- jeep transfer to the base of the volcano;
- ascent (takes about three hours);
- snacks during ascent (tea, sandwiches, sweets, cookies);
- crater walk;
- walk down;
- supper;
- return.

* NB: Bad weather can necessitate the replacing of ascent with a visit to lava caves and waterfalls on the Calm Creek

• Time available: June through September
• Duration: 12 hours
• Number of participants: up to five (or more, but then the price is increased)
No restrictions due to inadequate physical fitness. Children above twelve welcomed.

What to pack: wind- and waterproof jacket with a cape, hiking boots, fleece, windproof trousers, headgear, gloves, sunglasses, sunscreen, repellent, small backpack for climbing (30 litres), camera, spare batteries.

Price per person: 7000 RUB



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