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Following Tolbachik eruptions

New volcanoes at Tolbachik

What an insane place! On July 6, 1975, a catastrophic eruption named Great Fissure Tolbachik Eruption began here, opening several large cracks and four vents which all spat fiery fountains of searing lava up to 150m in the air. A cloud of ash formed, extending nearly ten kilometers, and sprawled over the Pacific.

Copious amounts of ashes and cinders began to fall out, giving rise to two new volcanic cones were the ruptures occurred. These were named the Southern Rupture and Northern Rupture; both emitted flows of red hot lava. The fantastically spectacular drama concluded on December 10, 1976. It was a unique event for the 20th century and was listed among the six most violent fissure eruptions that Earth saw within the last two thousand years.

The eruption turned the surrounding area into scorched, black desert with lunar landscapes that made for ideal testing grounds for Russian-made automated rovers for exploring the surfaces of the Moon and Mars. Tracks left by these vehicles can still be seen in the area. Visitors are guaranteed some shocking views!

Gigantic volcanoes reach out for the heaven, brushing on clouds; the surface is dotted by huge patches of hardened lava reminding some parts of Hawaii; many lava caves remain, featuring icicle-like stalactites.

Variously shaped and sized volcanic bombs can be seen next to the cones’ bases, there in stark contrast with some exceptionally beautiful alpine flowering plants. And how could one miss out on the famed ‘Dead Forest’ where dried trees stick out of a seven-metre layer of ash, veritable monuments of old life standing where new life is still in infancy.

Touch still-hot volcanic cinders; feel the heartbeat of out planet; find yourself crossing the line into the other side of nature!

Tour programme

Day 1. Ride an all-terrain vehicle to Kozyrevsk with a dinner stop in Milkovo. Check in at private lodging. Supper, rest. The distance involved (560km) means it will be a whole day of driving.

Day 2. Breakfast, set out for the base of the Flat Tolbachik volcano. Set up camp. Dinner. Climb the cone resulting from the 2013 New Tolbachik Eruption, look at lava flows. 

Day 3. Breakfast. Drive to the northern cones of the 1975 Tolbachik Fissure Eruption, including four to five hours of climbing and viewing a crater on top of one of the cones where volcanic activity can still be observed. Snacks available on the way. Ride to the Dead Forest. Return to camp. Supper, rest.

Day 4. Breakfast. Break camp, return to Petropavlovsk with a stop for dinner. 

• Time available: July through September
• Duration: 4 days / 3 nights
• Number of participants: up to four
• Price per person: 41 000 RUB

What to pack: wind- and waterproof jacket with a cape, hiking boots, fleece, headgear, cotton gloves, sunglasses, sunscreen, repellent, small backpack for climbing (30-50 litres), camera, spare batteries.

Weather may impose change in itineraries, including delays and postponed departures.


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