Classic freeride

Crazy annual precipitation and outlandish landscapes make for Russia’s best freeriding at the end of the world. Slide down the slope of a volcano among some unique geography and dive into a relaxing thermal pool after taking in those couloirs and snowdrifts from above and then from within hand’s reach – and repeat!

Planned tours for ad hoc groups in 2018: Mar 14 to 21, Mar 24 to 31

Price: 77600 RUB, plus 42000 RUB per person per day of heli-skiing

Suggested number of participants: 12 to14. Groups with fewer than 12 participants are liable to additional charges.

8 days / 7 nigts

Level of difficulty: the participants mush have above average freeriding skills


Day 1: Arrival. Stress relief time
Marvel at superb natural views surrounding the city of Petropavlovsk. Airplanes approach from the north and make a circle round the city area, as if paying homage to the beauty of gigantic volcanoes.

All set to set foot on those snow-sparkling slopes and adorn them with mark upon intricate mark, you will be welcomed at Yelizovo Airport like old friends and taken to your hotel complete with thermal pools.

Diving in clean, hot spring water after a long haul in a jet is pure bliss – and fancy topping it all with some caviar and salmon. Proceed to a cozy sitting-room where some aspects of the peninsula’s geography and climate will be discussed in a circle of old soul mates and new like-minded friends. You will be briefed on avalanche precautions and safety equipment. This will be your first day with our guides whom you will like for their competent approach and reliability.

Day 2: Riding in view of the Bay of Avacha and mind-boggling volcanoes
Delicious breakfast for fresh morning experience. Warm-up riding at one of the two alpine ski centres, Moroznaya and Krasnaya Sopka (60 and 90 minutes’ drive away, respectively), depending on the snow situation. No other ski resorts offer such a view of volcanoes, picturesque bays, and the Pacific Ocean, and heavy snowfall warrants enough snow for everyone. Trails include clearcuts in the forest, and one runs beneath the chairlift. Enjoy your thermal bath after coming back to the hotel.

Day 3: Freeride at Vilyuchinsky Pass
Healthy breakfast will energise you for the coming day.

Snowmobiles and sleds will take you to the Vilyuchinsky Pass where you can ride on soft snow (four to five people per vehicle). Optionally, grab the rope and be hauled by a snowmobile for the equivalent of a warm-up!

Expect a snowmobile ride about 40km long across the wide valley of the river Paratunka, finishing at the slopes of the Vilyuchinsky. This area is avalanche-prone, so every rider will carry a recently tested gear kit: safety comes first!

The snowmobile trail follows the winding ascent to the highest point of the mountain pass complete with a stunning view of three large volcanoes, Vilyuchinsky, Mutnovsky, and Gorely. The descent, extending about 2km, runs through a forest of ‘stone birches’ (endemic to Kamchatka) with enticing snow-covered couloirs and small drops, and you can go up and down again as many times as you like. Filling refreshments with hot tea available upon request, and there’s the satisfying ski-feeling to be enjoyed on your way back, and the scorching bliss upon return.

Day 4: Heliski. Freeride in the couloirs of the Vilyuchinsky. Note that this day is not included in the total price of the tour with an additional ### charged per person.

You might lose your appetite with anxiety as you anticipate exciting heliski experience, but better have a substantial breakfast. It’s going to be a big day!

You have adapted to the new time zone and had your training time at simpler slopes, making you ready for more serious summits. Our guides, in turn, are ready to show you the best terrain in vicinity of the Vilyuchinsky volcano, test the avalanche equipment and the rest of your gear, and brief you on safety precautions. Mi-8 helicopters are best suited for heli-skiing, and the pilots are certified to disembark passengers in mountainous terrain. All our mountain guides have been trained to work with heli-skiing clients.

Freeriding occurs on the slopes of mountains adjacent to the Vilyuchinsky. Altitude drops could total anywhere between 4,000m and 8,000m! It will be a day of unforgettable experience, and then you will be flown back by helicopter.

Your muscles will appreciate a relaxing soak in thermal water, and the sitting-rooms are equipped with large plasma screens for you to re-enjoy the day while watching the pictures taken and videos filmed.

Day 5: Avachinsky Pass, freeriding, night at the mountaineering centre

After breakfast, it will be time to change setting and delve really deep into the ambience of mountains, volcanoes, freeriding, and nothing else. Pack equipment necessary for a two-day detour. Transfer to the starting point of a snowmobile track and proceed to the base of the Avachinsky volcano.

Those willing can be tractored on a rope. Upon arrival, settle at a mountaineers’ base between the two volcanoes, Koryaksky and Avachinsky. This base exemplifies the entire history of mountaineering in this area with its love for untouched nature, where real fans of winter sports and feasting at the fireplace meet regularly.

End dinner, snowmobiles will take us to the volcano slope where we can slide down into the sunset, with hot supper, steaming sauna, and soft snow waiting.

Day 6: Freeriding at the two volcanoes. Back to the spa area

Substantial breakfast. Equipment testing. Ratracks accompanied by snowmobiles take you high up the slope whence you can slide down gorgeous, ungroomed snow while enjoying stunning views. Interesting features include couloirs and drops. Spend half a day freeriding; upon having dinner, return to Paratunka where we can share impressions and bathe in thermal pool.

Day 7: Contingency day 

Possible bad weather must be factored in. We analyse forecasts and amend itineraries depending on weather conditions. Options include more freeriding down volcano slopes, a city tour, skiing at an alpine centre equipped with chairlifts, and more.

Day 8: Adventures end

Breakfast. Transfer to Yelizovo. Seafood market, souvenir shop. Transfer to airport. Departure.


Attention: Your safety and comfort will be contingent on the state of your personal equipment, so pay a lot of attention to it! March temperatures vary between -5°C and -25°C, and strong winds are a possibility. If possible, bring your own avalanche safety equipment, although it can be rented.

Skiing and snowboarding are equally welcomed. The contingency day can be filled up with a ski programme, for which you will need freeriding set with walking mode. Health insurance covering medical attention and transportation costs is compulsory.

Terms and conditions: The group should include at least 12 persons; otherwise, the price increases. Maximum membership is 14. The itinerary was created assuming favourable weather conditions.

Heli-skiing programme is charged separately, costing 42000 RUB per day. Participation should be arranged in a month’s notice. Two hours of flying time guaranteed.

Price includes: 
- transfers to and from airport; 
- accommodation; 
- all guide fees; 
- all food provided at hotels and during excursions; 
- all transfers.

Suggested ‘what to pack’ list:

- off-trail skiing / snowboarding equipment; 
- clothing suitable for riding in ungroomed snow; 
- avalanche gear (beeper, probe, spade); 
- spare boots suitable for -20°C; 
- clothes for transfers; 
- clothes for wearing while resting at the hotel; 
- ski mask / goggles; 
- balaclava or winter multi scarf; 
- helmet; 
- warm gloves; 
- spare gloves;

- bathroom supplies and swimming gear; 
- slippers; 
- toiletries; 
- first-aid kit
- sunglasses; 
- sunscreen; 
- camera; 
- photocopies of all your personal documents in watertight protectors.






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