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Beringia: traditional dog sled race

We will be happy to see you among the guests!



Number of participants: 5 

• 07.03 
Arrival at the Yelizovo Airport. Transport to countryside lodging in Paratunka, check-in. Briefing the itinerary with the guide. Rest.
Bathing in thermal pool.

• 08.03
Breakfast. Depart from lodge. Transfer to Esso (530km to cover) with a dinner stop in Milkovo.
Arrival in Esso, check-in at lodging. Supper.
Bathing in thermal pool.

Esso is a small village located in the central part of Kamchatka. Thanks to the proximity of thermal waters, you can always feel the paradise-like, summer feel of warmth here. Thermal waters are used for heating in every building, so nobody is surprised at seeing fresh greeneries and fruit picked from greenhouses even in mid winter. Esso is surrounded by evergreen forests, craggy hills, and mountain ridges. Two clean rivers have broken their way through rocks here: Uksichan and Bystraya, and an extinct volcano looms nearby.

• 09.03
Attend opening ceremony, which is held on this day. There will be preliminary 10-kilometre races and a 1-kilometre race for children, followed by prize-giving ceremony, fair, and concert.
Supper at lodge. Bathing in thermal pool.

• 10.03
Car ride to Anavgay (23km away from Esso). Welcome the racers at Menedek nomadic base and ride 70km in a sled, escorted by snowmobiles, to Yanpat check-point. Snacks en route.
Every participant will get a chance to drive the dog sled while the others ride snowmobile-propelled sleds.
The course will have been rolled smooth by snowmobiles and marked by flags and signs. After arrival at Yanpat, break camp, have supper, and spend the night in tents.

On this day, our sled will follow the maintenance crew all the way to Yanpat. You will get a chance to see the racers clear the first check-point.

• 11.03
See mushers off to their start. Break camp, departure.
Visit the reindeer herders’ nomadic camp to get treated to venison soup and become familiarised with everyday life of the Koryak minority.
Stay for supper and night in forest cabin. Sleeping bags provided.

• 12.03
Breakfast. Packing-up, departure.
Transfer to Esso. Snacks en route. Check-in at lodge.
Supper. Bathing in thermal pool.

• 13.03
Breakfast. Visit Bystrinsky ethnographic museum. Dinner at lodge, departure. Transfer back to Paratunka with a stop for a meal in Milkovo. Check-in at lodge in Paratunka.

The Bystrinsky is the only ethnographic museum in all of Kamchatka. It reminds of a 17th-century compound built in accordance with Russian architectural traditions. The remarkable building recreating an authentic ‘tax-collecting hut’ items related to the culture of Even people are exhibited. A formidable watch-tower stands nearby, as if ready to repel an attack or attempted siege. Exhibits include authentic objects used by shamans, accessories, holy symbols, and utensils once used by Evens. The compound also hosts Russia’s only reconstructed semi-subterranean residence characteristic of old Koryak culture. You are very unlikely to see such things in Russia’s other museums.

• 14.03
Contingency day to compensate for possible bad weather or other emergencies.
Any additional one-day excursion can be arranged for this day.

• 15.03
Breakfast. Check-out from hotel.
Transfer to fish market.
Transfer to airport, departure.

Attention! We reserve the right to alter the sequence of events while providing the entirety of the programme!

Price includes:
- lodge accommodation in Paratunka;
- lodge accommodation in Esso;
- snowmobile escort (two per group);
- guide fees;
- translating fees;
- chef’s fees;
- catering as per itinerary;
- excursions as per itinerary;
- transfers as per itinerary;
- licences for natural reserves.

Price does not include:
- flights to Kamchatka or back;
- additional accommodation;
- additional transfers or excursions;
- equipment rental;
- alcoholic drinks.

Equipment: any kind of equipment is available for rental upon request.

What to pack:
- windproof down jacket with cape (for riding);
- windproof, warm trousers (for riding);
- winter boots (up to – 20С);
- sleeping bag (lightweight, minimum -20°С);
- two pairs of gloves (for riding);
- a pair of windproof gloves (for riding);
- windproof balaclava;
- sun-glasses with side protection - 100% UV and IR;
- two sets of thermals;
- at least five pairs of warm socks;
- T-shirts;
- wool cap;
- bathroom supplies and swimming gear;
- toiletries;
- first aid kit;
- sunscreen - SPF 40;
- lip protection from sun - SPF 40;
- anti-exposure skin care;
- camera.


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